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How To Sign Up For GUNI's Muneem Ji WebPanel / GUNI Muneem Ji Android App

Go To Our Home Page - www.theguni.com
1. Click on the link - Fill Details for Free Software
2. You will see a SignUp form. Fill this form with due care
3. In case you have downloaded our android app, directly click on "New-User-Signup" button after opening the app

1. You receive a mail from our Support Team Clearly indicating the details you submitted.
2. Necessary SignUp Process is carried by Support Team
3. You Just Sit Back & Relax

1. It takes almost 4 Working Hours (sometimes upto 24 Working hours) for completion of your sign up.
2. Once the SignUp Process is complete, you will receive a message containing ID & Password on the Authorised Person Contact.

1. You can now Log In to MuneemJi and Start using the services, ABSOLUTELY FREE.
2. Please note that, You get a 50 Free SMS per month.
3. On every Sale Made (Invoice Generated), a SMS is issued to the customer. Also, you can send SMS to a particular customer by going to the Customer's Tab or to any number by going to Message's Tab

1. What happens after free messages??? You just need to recharge with SMS balance
2. If You need to file GST return, You can click on the GST Filing button, Pay the required amount and we will instantly file your GST return within 48 working hours
Hope You Enjoy Our Services!!!